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The word H E L L O means:

H=How are you?

E= Everything all right?

L= Like to hear from you .

L= Love to see you soon!

O=Obviously, You are my friend..so, HELLO!

Are You a Vogue Man?..........

You are a Vogue man if ...
1. You shave - and not just your face. In fact, a real Vogue Man is not afraid to wax.
2. You agree that facials are not just for girls.
3. You think yachts and rare whiskies are potential purchases.
4. You buy wine by the vintage, not the price tag.
5. You care about the world of interior design.
6. You think fast food is something Other People eat.
7. You have your suits tailored.
8. A six-pack is not something you drink, but sculpt working out at the gym.
9. You care about shoes as much as Carrie from Sex and the City - and you are not afraid to show it.
10. NY-LON is your transatlantic route, not a pair of synthetic tights.

This was from in a report from the Oberver about the new Men's vogue magazine. I have not seen this magazine that started in September but it apparently caters to men 35 years and older who are in the upper income bracket or what I call filthy rich. This magazine is not for the T-shirt and jeans whatever is clean or maybe clean clothing wearer Wal-Mart shopper. The clothing in this magazine is way too expensive for most people so it is manly a "wish list" magazine just like the women's version of vogue. All is not lost since you can look at the tends in the magazine and when shopping for clothing find "knock offs" of the designers in regular stores. The magazine apparently does have some good articles but I have not seen a copy yet.

Money Truths and Dreams Questionnaire

Money Truths and Dreams Questionnaire

Monday, January 30, 2006

Iraq Bird Flu Death

A death Janurary 17 of a Kirddish 17 year old girl of the bird flu is the first repot death in Iraq. This means that the virus must be in the local bird and wild bird population. Not a pretty picture.

First Bird Flu Death Confirmed in Iraq

You Can




WOW, I was really surprize what you can do with google. I use it just about every day but I did not know you can do all of these things. I found out another use that is not listed down below.

Now you can locate items in [library name] using the Web search sites you use at home and work! Thanks to our participation in the global library catalog WorldCat, our records are searchable at Yahoo! and Google.
Simply visit yahoo.com or google.com and enter "Find in a Library" (as a phrase, including quote marks) plus one or more search terms. Your returned results will include links with the prefix "Find in a Library" and the name of a library-owned item that matches your search terms.
Follow the link to the WorldCat Find in a Library interface, where you'll see information about the item -- often including a cover image. Enter your ZIP postal code beneath that information to see a list of libraries that have the item. If [library name] owns it, our name will appear as a link that leads directly to our Web site and the online record for the item!
[indicate what users can do from the online record]
Want to "Find in a Library" no matter where you are on the Web? Visit www.worldcatlibraries.org/downloads/ to install one of several browser plug-ins. You'll have always-there access to library searching, right from your browser's menu bar!

Find in a Library is a way to can find a book you want to check out and what is the closest library. Type in the the book as the example I will show.

Several of us use Google through out the day for simple stuff, but we've never quite grasped the power of this tool. So, I am copy/pasting some tips from an article that David Pogue published in NY Times. (Pogue is a column writer for NY Times' weekly Circuits e-magazine.) Enjoy!
• Download and install the Google toolbar. Not only does it put the Google search box into your browser full-time, but it also blocks pop-up ads and fills in forms for you. For Windows at http://toolbar.google.com . (Ad blocking, form-filling and Google's search box are already built into the Apple's Web browser, Safari.)
• Phrase your question in the form of an answer. So instead of typing, "What is the average rainfall in the Amazon basin?", you might get better results by typing "The average rainfall in the Amazon basin is."
• This is an old one, but very important: Put quotes around phrases that must be searched together. If you put quotes around "electric curtains," Google won't waste your time finding one set of Web pages containing the word "electric" and another set containing the word "curtains."
• Similarly, put a hyphen right before any word you want screened out. If you're looking up dolphins, for example, you'll have to wade through a million Miami Dolphins pages unless you search for "dolphins -Miami."
• Google is a global White Pages and Yellow Pages. Search for "phonebook:home depot norwalk, ct," Google instantly produces the address and phone number of the Norwalk Home Depot. This works with names ("phonebook:robert jones las vegas, NV") as well as businesses.
Don't put any space after "phonebook." And in all of the following examples, don't type the quotes I'm showing you here.
• Google is a package tracker. Type a FedEx or UPS package number (just the digits); when you click Search, Google offers a link to its tracking information.
• Google is a calculator. Type in an equation ("32+2345*3-234=").
• Google is a units-of-measurement converter. Type "teaspoons in a gallon," for example, or "centimeters in a foot."
• Google is a stock ticker. Type in AAPL or MSFT, for example, to see a link to the current Apple or Microsoft stock price, graphs, financial news and so on.
• Google is an atlas. Type in an area code, like 212, to see a Mapquest map of the area.
• Google is Wal-Mart's computer. Type in a UPC bar code number, such as "036000250015," to see the description of the product you've just "scanned in." (Thanks to the Google Blog, http://google.blogspace.com , for this tip and the next couple.)
• Google is an aviation buff. Type in a flight number like "United 22" for a link to a map of that flight's progress in the air. Or type in the tail number you see on an airplane for the full registration form for that plane.
• Google is the Department of Motor Vehicles. Type in a VIN (vehicle identification number, which is etched onto a plate, usually on the door frame, of every car), like "JH4NA1157MT001832," to find out the car's year, make and model.
• For hours of rainy-day entertainment, visit http://labs.google.com . Here, you'll find links to new, half-finished Google experiments-like Google Voice, in which you call (650) 623-6706, speak the words you want to search for and then open your browser to view the results. Disclaimer: It wasn't working when I tried it. (Ditto a lot of these experiments.)
• Poke around the "Services & Tools" link on the Google.com home page and you'll find some of the better-known lesser-known Google features, if that makes any sense.
For example, there's Froogle (product search), News, Groups (Internet discussion boards), Google Catalogs (hundreds of scanned-in product catalogs), Images (find graphics and photos from other people's Web sites), Blogger (publish your own online journal), Google language translation, Google Answers (pay a couple of bucks to have a professional researcher find the answers for you) and much more.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

And More Great Pictures

Some Great Photos


Bird Flu in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia had to cull some falcom due to the flu virus today. They had bird imports in November.

arab news

What is NOT a fashionable habit?

Here is the scene; I am at work and look at the clock because the new hire is coming for her second day of work at 1:00 and I am suppose to do some training. It is close to the time and I get busy and then I see her walk in and look at the time 1:10.

Now I am wondering is this going to be her trend. I decide not to tell the boss, which can get me in trouble if she finds out about this, but if she does it again I will likely say something. I think my looking at the clock gave the new hire a clue by her reaction.

Now the million-dollar question is? Why are some people perpetual late? According to Karen Sherman a psychologist who specializes in relationships and lifestyle issues she says, “Some people are perpetually tardy because they don’t have a good sense of time or try to squeeze too much into the time they have available” “Others are late because it’s a passive-aggressive way to be in control”.

Whatever their cause, being late is not fashionable to others and me. It is a bad habit you need to break.

Some Tips:

Carry a watch or cell phone to keep time

Make sure all the clocks in the entire dwelling you live in match

Be prepared and plan ahead.

Think about having a goal of getting 10 minutes before you are suppose to be there-This is what I personally do and it works for me. Well, I also hate being late.

Try not to over schedule you time- get real

Cool Fashions for Spring

Well the spring 2006 trend report is out at Style.com and
Here are the top trends:

Bold Prints- a lot of bright and ethnic colors
The innocents-eyelet, lace and openwork embroidery
The Kimono- Asian influence-platforms, obis (wide belts), robe like
The New Sexy-bandage dresses, babydoll, asymmetry
The reinvented Pantsuit-these are soft and slouchy but still tailored
Shirtdressing-tuxedo, nautical


Graphics and Poetry by Cherokee Lady

Baby Duck

Graphics and Poetry by Cherokee Lady


Camel said, "Nothing like being tall! See how tall I am!"

A Pig who heard these words said, "Nothing like being short! See how short I am!"

The Camel said, "Well, if I fail to prove the truth of what I said, I will give up my hump."

The Pig said, "If I fail to prove the truth of what I said, I will give up my snout."

"Agreed!" said the Camel.

"Just so!" said the Pig.

They came to a garden inclosed* by a low wall without any opening. The Camel stood on this side of the wall, and, reaching the plants within by means of his long neck, made a breakfast on them. Then he turned jeeringly to the Pig, who had been standing at the bottom of the wall, without even having a look at the good things in the garden, and said, "Now, would you be tall or short?"

Next they came to a garden inclosed* by a high wall, with a wicket-gate at one end. The Pig entered by the gate, and, after having eaten his fill of the vegetables within, came out, laughing at the poor Camel, who had had to stay outside, because he was too tall to enter the garden by the gate, and said, "Now, would you be tall or short?"

Then they thought the matter over, and came to the conclusion that the Camel should keep his hump and the Pig his snout, observing, ---

"Tall is good, where tall would do;
Of short, again, 'tis also true!"

The Dog In Manger

A DOG was lying in a Manger on the hay which had been put there for the cattle, and when they came and tried to eat, he growled and snapped at them and wouldn't let them get at their food. "What a selfish beast," said one of them to his companions; "he can't eat himself and yet he won't let those eat who can."

Moral: People often begrudge others what they cannot enjoy themselves.

What Is Success?

To laugh often and much,

To win the respect of intelligent people
and the affection of children;

To earn the appreciation of honest critics
and endure the betrayal of false friends;

To appreciate beauty;

To find the best in others;

To leave the world a bit better,
whether by a healthy child, a garden
patch or a redeemed social condition;

To know even one life has breathed easier
because you have lived;

This is to have succeeded.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Bundle

He carried a bundle of false beliefs,
Musty and heavy as a lawyer's briefs,
Prejudice , jealousy, bitterness, strife-
These were the wares of his troubled life.

He carried the bundle wherever he went-
Anger, suspiction, and selfish intent,
He saw what he sought, injustice and sin.
Life was a tempest without and within.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Augustine Activity

The Augustine Volvano in Alaska is having activity today. For more informaion and pictures go to Alaska Volcano Observatory They have some webcams set up too.

Two Placards

The Wise Old Owl

A wise old owl sat in an oak,
The more he heard the less he spoke,
The less he spoke the more he heard.
Why aren't we all like that wise old bird?

The wise old owl is an old verse to teach children the virtue of being quiet. It is because of the owls behavior of watching and waiting for prey.

Same as the saying, "Children should be seen but not hear."

Waking Up At Home

Think of stepping on shore

and finding it heaven,

Of taking hold of a hand,

and finding it God's hand,

On breathing a new air

and finding it celestial air,

Of feeling invigorated

and finding it immortality,

Of passing from storm and tempest

to an unknown calm,

Of waking up

and finding it


~ Author Unknown


It case you are wondering that is a fish's name in Hawaiian, of course. The fish is a cute little fish. It was thought to be Hawaii's state fish but they say it is not now. The stubbby, pig-nose, somewhat aggrestive fish is also know as the known as the rectangular triggerfish.

Lawmaker seeks official status for humuhumunukunukuapuaa


Hawaii Vistors

Mustard Seed

This is an old Chinese tale about a woman whose only son died. In her grief, she went to the holy man and said. "What prayers, what magical incantations do you have to bring my son back to life?" Instead of sending her away or reasoning with her, he said to her, "Fetch me a mustard seed from a home that has never known sorrow. We will use it to drive the sorrow out of your life."

The woman set off at once in search of that magical mustard seed. She came first to a splendid mansion, knocked at the door, and said, "I am looking for a home that has never known sorrow. Is this such a place? It is very important to me." They told her, "you've certainly come to the wrong place" and began to describe all the tragic things that had recently befallen them. The woman said to herself, "Who is better able to help these poor unfortunate people than I, who have had misfortune of my own?" She stayed to comfort them , then went on in her search for a house that had never known sorrow.

But where ever she turned, in hovels and in palaces, she found one tale after another of sadness and misfortune fortune. Ultimately, she became so involved in ministering to other people's grief that she forgot about her quest for the magical mustard seed, never realizing that it in fact had driven the sorrow out of her life.

Fish or Cat?

An arab tale that tells us that honesty is the best policy.

A man went at sunrise to his favorite spot on the river, sat his line, and pulled in a fat, shining fish. It weighted exactly six pounds.
He took it home and proudly showed it to his wife.
"Prettiest fish I ever caught" he said. "Six pounds of pure pleasure. I'll cook a grand feast tonight." Then he left the house and went to work.
His wife could not take her eyes off the fish. It made them water, it looked so tempting. At last she couldn't stand it any longer. She cooked it and sent for her brother, and they gorged themselves until there wasn't a morsel left.
That evening the man came home to find no fish.
"I,m so sorry," his wife cried, "but while I was in the garden the cat got into the kitchen and ate the whole thing, from head to tail."
The man seized the cat and plopped it on a scale. It weighted exactly six pounds.
"If this is my fish, then where is the cat?" he asked. "And if this is the cat, then I wonder just where my fish might be."

How We Get Fat

Your Health
How We Get Fat

This is a short to the point slide show that Fobes made that is very good in their Health section of forbes.com.
It has all the little things that add up to more weight, especially as you get older.


Dacy Crockett

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Kansas Trivia

The Geodetic Center of North America is about 40 miles south of Lebanon, Kansas, at Meade's Ranch. It is the beginning point of reference for land surveying in North America. When a surveyor checks a property line, he or she is checking the position of your property in relation to Meade's Ranch in northwest Kansas.

Fire Station No. 4 in Lawrence, Kansas - originally a stone barn constructed in 1858 - was a station site on the Underground Railroad.

Barton County is the only Kansas county (out of 105 counties) that is named for a woman, the famous volunteer Civil War nurse Clara Barton.

The Arkansas River may be the only river whose pronunciation changes as it crosses state lines. In Kansas, it is called the "Arkansas" (ahr-KAN-zuhs). On both sides of Kansas (Colorado and Oklahoma), it is called the "Arkansaw".

Handel's Messiah has been presented in Lindsborg, Kansas, each Easter since 1889.

Kansas is one of the nation’s largest producers of high quality black walnut lumber.

The Hollenberg Station, 2 miles northeast of Hanover, Kansas, is the only original Pony Express Station still standing in its original location. It is now a museum.

Hays House, in Council Grove, Kansas, is the oldest continuously operating restaurant west of the Mississippi River. It opened in 1857.

Space Pictures

The Cat's Eye Nebula
Turtle- Dying Star

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Quote from Churchill

"Dogs look up to us,
cats look down on us
and pigs look on us as equals."
--Attributed to Winston Churchill