Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chapman Tornado

Although I live very close to this town I was not affected by the tornado. These photos were sent to me.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Local Food at the Downtown Lawrence Farmers' Market

The Lawrence Farmers' Market had a wonderful showcase of local meat available in the Lawrence, Kansas area. This is Kansas oldest established and most likely the best Farmers' Market in the state. Chef Hilary Brown did some demonstration of cooking locally produced lean meat. She has a fast food burger place in Lawrence called the Local Burger.

At the Local Burger you can try some burgers and hot dogs made from Buffalo (bison) to pork. This place is a little more expensive than your local fast food places since a burger will set you back $5.50 but you will know where the meat came from.

Victory garden has a page on food miles. Food miles is the distance food travels from its source to your market. Food miles is another calculation of the amount of
energy needed to get the food to the market. Buying local and growing your own produce will reduce food miles. Even growing a potted container of tomatoes will reduce the food miles. I have not tried but they sell only seeds of plants that grow well in containers.

I just discovered a seed company called Harvest Moon that offers an interesting selection of seeds. I have bookmarked the website and will order some seeds later.

If you are looking for any of the Slow Food movement seed source Seed Savers Exchange has a list they offer. I did not grow the
Bull Nose Bell Pepper but plan to next year.

BEAN: Cherokee Trail of Tears,
Christmas Lima,
Hidatsa Red,
Hidatsa Shield Figure,
Soup, Jacob’s Cattle
Lina Cisco’s Bird Egg, Mayflower
and True Red Cranberry

GARLIC: Inchelium Red and
Lorz Italian
LETTUCE: Amish Deer Tongue,
Grandpa Admire’s, Speckled and
Tennis Ball (Black Seeded)

MELON: Crane

PEPPER: Bull Nose Large Bell,
Beaver Dam, Fish, Hinkelhatz,
Jimmy Nardello’s, Sheepnose
Pimento and Wenk’s Yellow Hot

POTATO: Ozette
SQUASH: Amish Pie, Boston
Marrow and Sibley

TOMATO: Amish Paste, Aunt
Ruby’s German Green, Brandywine
(Sudduth’s Strain), Cherokee
Purple, German Pink, and Red Fig

Moon & Stars (Cherokee Strain),
Moon & Stars (Yellow Fleshed),
Moon & Stars (Van Doren Strain)