Monday, January 31, 2005

Stormy Day In Kansas Posted by Hello

Gloomy Days and Monday

Attitudes are contagious.....
.......Is yours worth catching.

"Your attitude should be the same that Christ Jesus had"

~Phil 2.5 NLT


I used this quote today because I am feeling a little grouchy today. At work I try to be as cheerful as possible and give everyone a smile but it is hard to do today.

I didn't do much of anything this weekend. My son, daughter-in law and grandson came for dinner on Sunday. He is such a happy baby.

I haven't gotten a lot done with more of the birdhouse or needlework so I hope to get back to trying to get some progress done on at least the eyecase and some more birdhouses.

A co-worker that came in so I can go to lunch made a comment about how crazy someone they know who had 8 children and she was staying having only one. I guess everyone has their own options. I sort of dislike when people talk bad about some couples choice to have more children. Personally, I would had liked at least another child myself making four children.

Well I will go back to trying to change my attitude today.



Saturday, January 29, 2005

Snow in Woodlot


If thou wouldst first thank God
For each good he bestows
Thou couldst not find the time
To murmur of thy woes.

-Amish Verse

It snowed a couple of inches last night but melted this mornings so at least the gravel road will be easy to drive on. I am hoping there is not enough moisture on the road to create ice when it freezes tonight.

I filled out a checklist for Family and Consumer Science Licensure. Finally, I might be able to work towards a teacher licensure. I will make copies of the class descriptions on Sunday to go with the checklist, especially for the University in Florida I went to since they stopped having a Family and Consumer Degree a long time ago and the class descriptions will not be in the University's catalog anymore. Hopefully, I will be able to send it off on Saturday. I am glad I listed to my advisor and got the catalog during my last year.

I still did not get anything done around here today since their was snow still. I went to Wall-Mart to get some food and spray sealant for the birdhouses. I got some food to make Mexican food tomorrow. I made spit pea soup tonight in my rice cooker. It was the first time I tried making it in the appliance and it came out very good. I will try again doing oatmeal. It came out too watery but I put it in a thermos and took it to work and it was perfect by the time I stared to eat it.

My daughters have a Birthday party to go to Sunday so I do not think I will be able to get much done tomorrow either. I guess that the way thing go some times.



Thursday, January 27, 2005

Another Kansas Overcast Day....

"Give Satan an inch, and he will become your ruler"


Well at work today I was able to enroll one person into the program. I am not one who likes to sit at work and vegetate so that made me a happy camper. After they changed the requirements Oct. 1 2004 it has slowed down to a snail's pace here. It also does not do much for job security. The are again making changes in March but I have not been given the details yet.

I cannot really afford to lose any more hours since they have already dropped me from full time beginning October 1, 2004 to around 20 hours per week on this contract. I had to go back working the other contract in the computer lab and others unfounally others lost their hours. I now average about 36 hours a week working at both contracts. I do not get holiday pay with the part-time status I now have so I lost at least one day a month in pay. It is a good thing they are now open again for training holidays in the Computer lab so at least I get some hours there. When they were closed for the training hoildays I lost 2 days per month of work. The Dean now wants to close the computer lab at 6:00 P.M. That should make the clients very happy when most get off at 4:30-5:00 and l have to go the the dining halls before they close too if they want their evening meal.

It looks really nasty outside and the temperature is dropping. They are saying we will get around 2 inches of snow. I really do not mind the snow but hate it when it gets warm enough to melt and turns into ice. So far I this year I haven't got stuck in a ditch but there is still time yet, I suppose. I was stuck between two hills and could not go forward up the hill or go in reverse up the other hill a couple of weekends ago. I managed to back up enough where I might of been able to drive fast enough to get up the hill but I suppose I am now too afraid of sliding into a ditch again. So, I parked and walked home which was about 1/2 a mile away.

I still have not found my rooster. I did not find any evidence of being attacked but something most likely got it. I did find a Dutchess's collar next to the fence at the other side of the pasture. Most likely Dutchess was trying to escape again and got her collar caught. She ran off the other night and ended up staying outside all night. I was told she did not want to go outside after she got into her crate in the enclosed porch the next morning . She was most likely hungry but we do feed them until the next meal. We bring them in from the barn and pasture at night and into the crates in in our enclosed porch.

I ordered Burdna Magazine again so I hope to get it soon so I can start sewing clothes again. I cannot find nice modest clothes, without having the Grandmother look, in this area and Kansas City which has more stores is a two hour drive. The magazine has the neatest patterns and the patterns are most likely even better than the ones they sell thought their calalog at fabric stores. Well, yes if you read about me I am a Grandmother but that does not mean I want to dress like one.

Well, I also believe I have mostly figured out how to use this site and post pictures. After practice I hope to be able to figure out how to put more than one photo per blog.



Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Eyeglass/cell phone needlework case with cotton floss Posted by Hello

I got this needlepoint kit in December in Ventura, Califronia at a crafts store to have something to do becasue it was raining so much we were not are to travel to some of the places I wanted to. I am almost finished and just have some of the leaves and white area left. I should be done by this week and then will be able to block it. I plan to use it to hold my cell phone.

Needlework Picture done in wool yarn Posted by Hello

I do not remember when I started or completed this pillow still needs to be blocked and then sewn into a pillow. I remember getting the yarn in a very nice needlework shop in Hawaii. It was one of the best stores I have every been to but cannot think of the name of the place. I most like finished the needlepoint about 7 years ago and it took me a couple of years off and on to finish it.

Manns Chinese Theater in Hollywood Posted by Hello

My two teenage girls wanted to see this place. They were a little diappointed. I think they expected to see a lot more prints. The area was a small courtyard by the theater. This is one one the cement casts.

Flower in Bloom Posted by Hello

This is one of the many pictures I took of flowers in bloom in Ventura, California.

Beach in Ventura with a view of Anacapa Island on a overcast day Posted by Hello

This picture came out better than I thought it would. It was a really dark and gloomy day there. This picture was taken a few days before the mud slide and flooding that made national news. The clay soil in the area can only take so much before it becomes saturated with water.

Thinking of California

I am looking at the posters while sitting at my desk. I have a California Classic Rincon Point Poster and a poster of the coastal redwoods. I am really missing California. It had been over six years before I had been back when I went back in December. Things had really changed. I did not remember so many flowers growing during the winter there. The reason I went back last was for my Dad's funeral and it was during the spring/early summer so you would expect flowers but I do not remember even noticing flowers during that trip. I found the newspaper article last night while I was cleaning the desk at home so I guess that is why I am thinking of him right now. It was a fairly large article the newpaper had printed and they called him the Gentle Giant. It had a picture of taken him a few years before he died and a picture with a train when he was in the army. He worked on the Army Railroad bringing supplies to the troops.

He was really a good husband and father even though no one is perfect and he did have his falults. Even thought I was the only girl with two half-brothers and 3 brothers he always let me tag along with them and it did not matter if it was fishing or throwing baseballs. I never felt left out. Most likely he was partly the reason I was a bit of a tom-boy to the dismay of my mother. I do not every remember him yelling at us or hitting us but we always had a lot of respect for him and he usually only had to tell us once to do something. Our mother always seemed to be yelling, putting us down or trying to hit us so he was like a safely net. I do not blame her, even though I have some resentment, she just did not have the skills needed to take care of five children and most likely that was how she was raised. My aunts and uncles tell me my grandfather had a really bad temper. In the end even my half-brothers had a lot of respect for my father.

Well, anyways, back to California. Roses, Bird of Paradise and other flowers were blooming like crazy in December in California. It was so pretty. Here in Kansas my garden is brown, brown, and more brown. Okay, there are a free green things growing like the tiny pine trees I planted two years ago. They seem to be growing at a very slow rate.

Well, anyways, it was almost like LA from the LAX airport to Ventura. Ventura has really changed so much. It has really built up from what I remember it was like. New construction is everywhere and buildings are torn down. The worst thing is that there were very few orange or lemon groves left. It is just not the same with out all the trees. I remember smelling the sweet scent in the spring. Oh, it is such a wonderful scent.

I also drove past the barrio called La Puente I lived in in LA on the freeway. This was before Puente Hill and all of the newer middle class areas. I lived there from birth to about age 12 when our family moved to Ventura. As I drove by I was not brave enough to go off the off-ramp into the area. I do not know who lives there anymore since I have not kept in touch and as barrios go you should not just wander around them. I do remember it being very rough with gangs but I still miss the place. I remember a lot more friendly neighbors than any place I have lived. I asked my mother and she feels the same way.

Monday, January 24, 2005

More Fun Today...

Well back to work today. It was too cold to get anything done outside this weekend. I was only able to put fresh straw in the coop before I had to run inside to get thawed out. I could not find the Fayomi rooster and I looked all over the one acre pasture including the tall weeds. There were coyotes running around the other night so I do hope that the rooster did not escape and become a meal for them. There is one coyote that is very large, about 40 pounds, and I really think that it might be half dog. It is very brave animal and will come close to the house and workshop.

I took pictures of my needlepoint projects with my digital camera this weekend. I also took pictures of three of the bottle gourds that I have painted. I do hope to put them on this site as soon as possible.

I started using a new bible guide and reading the bible the beginning of this year and hope to read the whole bible by the end of the year. I have been keeping it up so far.

I wanted to join a women's gym but finance are making it out out question right now. I guess I will start going to the gym on base and at least using the treadmill to get in better shape. The price is right (free) so it is just a mater or stopping in the morning or after work. It will most likely have to be after work because the troops may have it reserved.

I just found out that a co-worker had a heart attack. He is a gouchy old man who is the computer tech but you still love him anyways. I will say extra prayers tonight for him.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Another Day...

I am still trying to figure out this site and how to do it. Hopefully I will get it figured out soon. I somehow lost my first blog.

I plan to post pictures of projects as I am working on from needlepoint to my garden. I was hoping to get into the garden to work on it this weekend but it is suppose to get cold again. Maybe I will at least be able to work with the chicken and ducks. I really need to make a larger duck house to keep them in. I want to be able to separate the breeds so I might make a number of houses where I can separate them all and make the houses also movable also so I can move them all around the pastures.

I had to do a little chicken rearrangement because some of the roosters where being too aggressive to my little Fayoumi Rooster. He was just hiding but now is getting on the roost and is acting better.

Another project I will need to start as soon as it warms up is making new pens in the large barn for chicken and larger animals . New electric lines were already started so putting in lights and plugs are just a matter of getting the time to do it.

Project and more projects.

Saturday, January 01, 2005