Sunday, March 28, 2010

Outside Tasks

The Drive way from a distance

After some sewing and going shopping for a few supplies I came home anticipating being able to work in the yard. The ground was still too wet to weed or till. I tried weeding my herb garden only to have to soil hold together in big clumps. I noticed all of the herbs are now beginning to grow. This garden should look a lot better than last year. All we accomplished was adding some more gravel/soil mix to the front of the driveway. It took a few loads to bring this much. Now I need to get a quote from the Gravel Guy to see about getting gravel for the driveway and carport.

Rocky watching

Chickens enjoying the warm day

Scratching the dug up area.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


It is been a long time since I last added anything to this blog. I have started other blogs since then that are more focused. I am hoping to add more often to my gardening blog when the garden the garden starts to have more activity.

I am waiting for it to get warm around here.