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Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Kindling Pile

I remember a time that I would take an axe to create kindling to start fires with. After a couple of years I came to the conclusion that using the small branches or sticks from the trees is a lot more effective.

This is the mail pile of the twigs and branches.  When we cut down a tree I pile up the small limbs to come back latter to break into small pieces. This is somewhat time consuming but is easier than using an axe to break logs into kindling and I believe it works better. On the side porch we have two plastic trash cans that we fill with the kindling and paper to start fires. Their is no long distance walking to the wood pile area. I usually make another pile over their that is larger and last the winter. On the porch the paper and kindling are out of the rain and snow. It does not look very nice and will need to work on that but it works and makes it easy to get what you need especially early mornings rather than going to the main pile.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Zucchini Bread

Zucchini Bread
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Whipped Gelatin

Whipped Gelatin
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I used sugar free gelatin for this recipe. You can also use plain gelatin and juice make this recipe.

Make 4 cups

1 package of (4 oz. serving) gelatin of your favorite flavor.

Make the gelatin according to the directions on the box.

Put the gelatin in the fridge for about 45 minutes. It should be as thick as unbeaten egg white. Take a beater or whisk to the jello until it is foamy and has doubled in size. Put back into fridge until firm.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ozark Mule Days

Open Mule Race1Miniature Donkey Cart2Miniature Donkey Cart1Chicken ScrambleBoot Race2Boot Race1
Open Mule Race2Open Costume ClassOpen RaceWild Mule Catch/RideBack to BackOpen costume Class
Open  Costume Class

Ozark Mule Days, a set on Flickr.

This is where I went for Labor Day. It was nice to get a way for a weekend.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


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We got a new member. She is a mule named Pheope

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Being Prepared With lemons

You know the old saying "If life gives you lemons make lemonade". Sometimes it makes sense to just be prepared for the unexpected. Here in Kansas you get a variety weather conditions that with send you into survival mode. Everyone one knows about tornado in Kansas if you have ever watched The Wizard of OZ. However, your house would most likely not make a soft landing somewhere but will be damage, if not destroyed, by the powerful wind. Another less know weather event that can wrench havoc on your lifestyle is the winter ice storms. You can be out of electricity for weeks as what happen in Kansas a couple of years ago. We though we were prepared for the most part and we were all right with food but water became the limiting factor. Without electricity to power the water pump on the well we were left with the little water we had. It was a few days worth.

As for food, I store a variety of food product such a Grocery store purchased canned food, using as a reference, MRE's and freeze dried products such as found at I store my rice an other grains in the large pails with liners and Oxygen Absorbers to last longer.The reason I like Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E.web site is it is done with items you can obtain locally. However, the number 10 freeze dried food is a little easier to store and takes up less space. If you do plan to make a Food Supply for you or your family make sure it has variety because the same food can create Appetite Fatigue. Your mind will not want to eat the same food over and over again.

Be prepared and do not expect the Government to take care of you.