Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Kindling Pile

I remember a time that I would take an axe to create kindling to start fires with. After a couple of years I came to the conclusion that using the small branches or sticks from the trees is a lot more effective.

This is the mail pile of the twigs and branches.  When we cut down a tree I pile up the small limbs to come back latter to break into small pieces. This is somewhat time consuming but is easier than using an axe to break logs into kindling and I believe it works better. On the side porch we have two plastic trash cans that we fill with the kindling and paper to start fires. Their is no long distance walking to the wood pile area. I usually make another pile over their that is larger and last the winter. On the porch the paper and kindling are out of the rain and snow. It does not look very nice and will need to work on that but it works and makes it easy to get what you need especially early mornings rather than going to the main pile.

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  1. Oh yes, that's a lot better. Small branches are easier to burn, anyway.


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