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Savage Chickens: Star Power Cartoon

Savage Chickens: Star Power Cartoon
Since they ran out of letters last year and had to start over using movie stars just might work.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Whats going on with my life.......................

To friends and relatives:

Well I am packing up the files so they can move to another building since this is my last day of work for the Education Counselor Support job. It was good work experience but the contract ended and it so is time to move on.

I am also finalizing my Grad School forms needed. I should start my program of study in Gerontology in the near future.



The longest English word:

The question of determining the longest English word inevitably boils down to defining what is acceptable as a word, since prefixes/suffixes can be adjoined to words to make longer words and because medical/chemical terms can get arbitrarily long. Further, most contenders for the honor of being the longest word are likely to be very rare in actual usage - so rare, in fact that they could be considered nonce words. The most common candidates for the crown, in my opinion, are
antidisestablishmentarianism (28 letters),
(29 letters) and
pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis (45 letters).

The first is the only one of the three that was not specifically constructed for the purpose of being a very long word. It means opposition to the separation of church and state. The second, meaning the estimation of something as worthless, is the longest non-technical word in the OED. The latter, supposedly a lung disease, appears to be a semi-serious concoction.
Lexically interesting words. .
Longest word without a vowel:
Runners-up: nymphly, rhythms, gypsyfy, gypsyry.
Excluding 'y': crwths.
Longest word with at most 1 vowel:
glycyphyllin, psychorhythm.
Word with most vowels:
Word with most consecutive vowels (5):
cooeeing, miaoued, miaouing, queueing. (Euouae, consisting of nothing but 6 vowels, is of doubtful legitimacy.)
Smallest word with all 5 vowels:
eulogia, miaoued, sequoia.
Longest word with only 3 distinct alphabets:
Longest word with only 4 distinct alphabets:
Longest word with no repeated letter:
Longest word with letters in alphabetical order:
Longest word with letters in reverse alphabetical order:
Longest word that can be typed with the right hand alone
(on a qwerty keyboard): phyllophyllin.
Longest word that can be typed with the left hand alone
(on a qwerty keyboard): devertebrated.
Longest word that can be typed using the top row
(of a qwerty keyboard): rupturewort.
Runners-up: peppertree, pepperwort, perpetuity, proprietor, repertoire, tetterwort, typewriter.
Interesting words with the substring 'uu':
continuum, fatuus, menstruum, residiuum, vacuum.
Word with the maximum number of distinct alphabets (16):
blepharoconjunctivitis, formaldehydesulphoxylic, pneumoventriculography, pseudolamellibranchiate, superacknowledgment.
Word with most a's (6):
astragalocalcaneal, calcaneoastragalar, taramasalata.
Word with most e's (7):
Word with most i's (6):
impossibilification, indistinguishability, indivisibility, minimifidianism, pericardiomediastinitis.
Word with most o's (6):
choledochoduodenostomy, duodenocholedochotomy, monogonoporous, odontonosology, proctocolonoscopy, pseudomonocotyledonous, zoologicoarchaeologist.
Word with most u's (5):

Words with four consecutive letters of the alphabet appearing consecutively:
mnop: cremnophobia, gymnopaedic, gymnoplast, limnophile, somnopathy
(and a few others). rstu: overstudy, overstuff, understudy, afterstudy, overstudious, superstuff, understuff.

Words with four consecutive letters of the alphabet appearing consecutively in reverse order:
ponm: tamponment, weaponmaker.

Words with 3 consecutive s's:
bossship, headmistressship, patronessship.

The last word:

TYPEWRITER (10 letters) can be typed using only the top row of keys on a standard keyboard.

FICKLEHEADED and FIDDLEDEEDEE are the longest English words consisting only of letters in the first half of the alphabet, each being 12 letters long.
PARADIGM was the word most frequently looked up in 1998 in the Merriam-Webster online dictionary.

The words most likely to be misspelled (ratio of incorrect to correct spelling) according to a study of Usenet traffic some years ago were DUMBELL, OCCURRENCE, MEMENTO, FRUSTUM, COLLECTIBLE, AMATEUR, DAIQUIRI, PASTIME, ACCIDENTALLY, PLAYWRIGHT, EMBARRASS, ACQUIT, HARASS, and PRONUNCIATION.

HIRSCHSPRUNG'S (DISEASE) has seven consecutive consonants, as does SCHTSCHUROWSKIA.
Beijing and Fiji have three dotted letters in a row.

The only other four-letter alphabetical sequence found in English is -MNOP-, which is found, for example, in these words: CREMNOPHOBIA, GYMNOPAEDIC, GYMNOPHOBIA, GYMNOPLAST, LIMNOPHILE, LIMNOPHORA, LIMNOPHORID, LIMNOPLANKTON, SEMNOPITHECINE, SOMNOPATHY, and THAMNOPHILE.

If the alphabet is treated as a continuous loop, however, there is also -YZAB- in ANALYZABLE.

HONORIFICABILITUDINITATIBUS is the longest word consisting entirely of alternating vowels and consonants.

The longest common word without any of the five vowels is RHYTHMS.
The shortest word containing all five vowels exactly once is the six-letter EUNOIA, meaning alertness of mind an will (and also the title of a book by Canadian poet Christian Bok).
The shortest word with the five vowels occurring in alphabetical order is AERIOUS (airy), which has seven letters. The longest such word is PHRAGELLIORHYNCHUS (a protozoan) with 18 letters.

ULTRAREVOLUTIONARIES has each vowel exactly twice. The shortest such word is CUBOIDEONAVICULARE, and the longest, USSOLZEWIECHINOGAMMARUS (a small crustacean).
Some English words..................

Floccinaucinihilipilification = It means "the estimation of something as worthless."
Examples: I loved him for nothing so much as his floccinaucinihilipilification of money. --William Shenstone, Letters
Some more english words:

They must be taken with an air of contempt, a floccinaucinihilipilification of all that can gratify the outward man. --Sir Walter Scott, Journal
The longest word in the dictionary containing no letter more than once is "smiley." (There is a mile between the first and last letter.)

First Game of Golf

Read this its really funny…

A husband takes his wife to play her first game of golf.

Of course, the wife promptly hacked her first shot

right through the window of the biggest house adjacent to the course.

The husband cringed, "I warned you to be careful! Now we'll have
to go up there, find the owner, apologize and see how much your
lousy drive is going to cost us."

So the couple walked up to the house and
knocked on the door.

A warm voice said, "Come on in." When they opened
the door they saw the damage that was done: glass was all over the place, and a
broken antique bottle was lying on its side near the broken

A man reclining on the couch asked, "Are you the people that broke
my window?"

"Uh...yeah, sir. We're sure sorry about that," the
husband replied.

"Oh, no apology is necessary. Actually I want to thank
you. You see,

I'm a genie, and I've been trapped in that bottle for
a thousand years.
Now that you've released me, I'm allowed to grant
three wishes. I'll Give you each one wish, but if you don't mind, I'll
keep the last one for myself."

"Wow, that's great!" the husband said. He pondered a
moment and blurted out,

"I'd like a million dollars a year for! the rest of my

"No problem," said the genie. "You've got it, it's the least I can do. And I'll guarantee you a
long, healthy life!"

"And now you, young lady, what do you want?" the genie
asked. "I'd like to own a gorgeous home complete with servants
in every country in the world," she said.

"Consider it done," the genie said. "And your homes will always be safe from fire,
burglary and natural disasters!"

"And now," the couple asked in unison, "what's your
wish, genie?"

" Well, since I've been trapped in that bottle and
haven't been with a woman in more than a thousand years,
my wish is to sleep with your wife."

The husband looked at his wife and said, "Gee, honey, you know we both now
have a fortune, and all those houses. What do you think?"

She mul! led it over for a few moments and said, "You
know, you're right. Considering our good fortune, I guess I
wouldn't mind, but what about you, honey?"

"You know I love you sweetheart," said the husband.

"I'd do the same for you!" So the genie and the
woman went upstairs
where they spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying
each other. The genie was insatiable.

After about three hours of non-stop fun,
the genie rolled over and looked directly into
her eyes and asked, "How old are you and your

"Why, we're both 35," she responded breathlessly.

"Really?! Thirty-five years old and both of you still
believe in genies?"

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Sometimes You Have To Let Go

Lawyers Aren't All Bad...???

Subject: Lawyers Aren't All Bad...???

One afternoon, a wealthy Jewish lawyer was riding in his shiny
limousine...when he saw two men along the roadside eating grass. Disturbed,he ordered his driver to stop...and he got out to investigate the situation.
He asked one man, "Why are you eating grass?" "We don't have any money for food," the poor man replied. "We HAVE TO eat grass."
Shocked, the lawyer said, "Well, then, you can come with me to my
house...and I'll feed you!"
"But sir, I have a wife and two children with me. They are over
there, under that tree."
"Bring them along," the lawyer replied. Turning to the other
poor man, he said, "You come with us, too." The second man said, "But sir,
I also have a wife and SIX children with me!"
"Bring them all!" the lawyer answered......and they all jammed into
the huge limo. Once underway, one of the poor fellows turned to the
lawyer and said, "Sir, you are too kind. Thank you for taking all of us
with you."
Genuinely touched, the lawyer replied, "Glad to do it! You'll
really love my place......the grass is almost a foot high!"

This is good!!

I do not usually like to post other copy right material but this one is too good.

What Do You Think?

I do not totally agree with this but it is interesting. I have no way of verifying that he actually said or wrote. This was emailed to me today.

You gotta love Robin Williams......

Even if he's nuts.

Leave it to Robin Williams to come up with the perfect plan.

What we need now is for our UN Ambassador to stand up and repeat this message.

Robin Williams' plan... (Hard to argue with this logic!)

"I see a lot of people yelling for peace but I have not heard of a plan for peace. So, here's one plan."

1) "The US will apologize to the world for our "interference" in their affairs, past & present. You know, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Tojo, Noriega, Milosevic, Hussein, and the rest of those "good 'ole' boys", we will never "interfere" again.

2) We will withdraw our troops from all over the world, starting with Germany, South Korea, the Middle East, and the Philippines. They don't want us there. We would station troops at our borders. No one allowed sneaking through holes in the fence.

3) All illegal aliens have 90 days to get their affairs together and leave. We'll give them a free trip home. After 90 days the remainder will be gathered up and deported immediately, regardless of whom or where they are. They're illegal!!! France will welcome them.

4) All future visitors will be thoroughly checked and limited to 90 days unless given a special permit!!!! No one from a terrorist nation will be allowed in. If you don't like it there, change it yourself and don't hide here. Asylum would never be available to anyone. We don't need any more cab drivers or 7-11 cashiers.

5) No foreign "students" over age 21. The older ones are the bombers. If they don't attend classes, they get a "D" and it's back home baby.

6) The US will make a strong effort to become self-sufficient energy wise. This will include developing nonpolluting sources of energy but will require a temporary drilling of oil in the Alaskan wilderness. The caribou will have to cope for a while.

7) Offer Saudi Arabia and other oil producing countries $10 a barrel for their oil. If they don't like it, we go someplace else. They can go somewhere else to sell their production. (About a week of the wells filling up the storage sites would be enough.)

8) If there is a famine or other natural catastrophe in the world, we will not "interfere." They can pray to Allah or whomever, for seeds, rain, cement or whatever they need. Besides most of what we give them is stolen or given to the army. The people who need it most get very little, if anything.

9) Ship the UN Headquarters to an isolated island someplace. We don't need the spies and fair weather friends here. Besides, the building would make a good homeless shelter or lockup for illegal aliens.

10) All Americans must go to charm and beauty school. That way, no one can call us "Ugly Americans" any longer. The Language we speak is ENGLISH...learn it...or LEAVE...Now, isn't that a winner of a plan? "The Statue of Liberty is no longer saying "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses." She's got a baseball bat and she's yelling, 'you want a piece of me?' "
This is such a neat place. I got this picture in my email and never been to Greece so I am not sure if it has a road on the other side or is a very long........... walk.
Many of the following you might be know already, if not give a try:

Try these...

1. There is a man who lives on the top floor of a very tall building.Everyday he gets the elevator down to the ground floor to leave thebuilding to go to work. Upon returning from work though, he can onlytravel half way up in the lift and has to walk the rest of the wayunless it's raining! Why? (This is probably the best known and mostcelebrated of all lateral thinking puzzles. It is a trueclassic.Although there are many possible solutions which fit the initialconditions, only the canonical answer is truly satisfying. )

2. A man and his son are in a car accident. The father dies on thescene, but ! the child is rushed to the hospital. When he arrives thesurgeon says, "I can't operate on this boy, he is my son! " How can thisbe?

3. A man is wearing black. Black shoes, socks, trousers, lumper, glovesand balaclava. He is walking down a black street with all the streetlamps off.A black car is coming towards him with its light off but somehow managesto stop in time. How did the driver see the man?

4. Why is it better to have round manhole covers than square ones? Thisis logical rather than lateral, but it is a good puzzle that can besolved by lateral thinking techniques. It is supposedly used by a verywell-known software company as an interview question for prospectiveemployees.

5. A man went to a party and drank some of the punch. He then leftearly.Everyone else at the party who drank the punch subsequently died ofpoisoning. Why did the man not die?

6. A man walks into a bar and asks the barman for a glass of water. Thebarman pulls out a gun and points it at the man. The man says 'Thankyou'and walks out. (This puzzle claims to be the best of the genre .It issimple in its! statement, absolutely baffling and yet with a completelysatisfying solution. Most people struggle very hard to solve this oneyet they like the answer when they hear it or have the satisfaction offiguring it out. )









































1. The man is very, very short and can only reach halfway up theelevator buttons. However, if it is raining then he will have hisumbrella with him and can press the higher buttons with it.


2. The surgeon was his mother.


3. It was day time.


4. A square manhole cover can be turned and dropped down the diagonal ofthe manhole. A round manhole cannot be dropped down the manhole. So forsafety and practicality, all manhole covers should be round.


5. The poison in the punch came from the ice cubes. When the man drankthe punch, the ice was fully frozen. Gradually it melted, poisoning thepunch.-


6. The man had hiccups. The barman recognized this from his speech anddrew the gun in order to give him a shock. It worked and cured thehiccups - so the man no longer needed the water.

For more options, visit this group at

Savage Chickens: Be A Poet Cartoon

Savage Chickens: Be A Poet Cartoon

Well I suppose there are plenty of street corners still around to call resident.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Shreyans Shah did a great job with this last one.

You can Win..."

Please do visit my website

Savage Chickens: Job Hunt Cartoon

Savage Chickens: Job Hunt Cartoon

Hey, I hear they still use them in Hollywood to get rid of black eyes after incidents. Just think, you can suck up to the stars.

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Savage Chickens: Visualize Cartoon

Savage Chickens: Visualize Cartoon

Ugh..........Where is his other thing-of-ma-jig?

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El pollito bailando Numa Numa Dance.

A Man's Search for Meaning

I just finished reading "A Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor E. Frankl.

It was a very interesting book about how he endured the years in the Nazi death camps. How individuals reacted to certain situations and his feelings why. This experience is partly the reason he developed his theory that a man's primary motivational force is his search for meaning in life. He is founder of the school of logotherapy at the University of Vienna Medical Schools International University.


Nice Holland Windmill Picture


Braving Hearts

Thursday, March 23, 2006



This is a truly BEAUTIFUL
piece please read this at a slow pace,
digesting every word
and in leisure...
do not hurry....
this is a treasure...
For those lucky to still be blessed with your
this is beautiful.
For those of us who aren't,
this is even more beautiful.
For those who are moms,
you'll love this.

The young mother set her foot on the path of life. "Is
this the long way?" she asked. And the guide said: "Yes, and the way is hard.
And you will be old before you reach the end of it. But
the end will be better than the beginning."

But the young mother was happy, and she would not
believe that anything could be better than these years. So she
played with her children, and gathered flowers for
them along the way, and bathed them in the clear streams; and
the sun shone on them, and the young Mother cried,
"Nothing will ever be lovelier than this."

Then the night came, and the storm, and the path was
dark, and the children shook with fear and cold, and the mother
drew them close and covered them with her mantle, and the children said,
"Mother, we are not afraid, for you are near, and no harm can come."

And the morning came, and there was a hill ahead, and the children climbed and grew weary, and the mother was weary. But at all times she said to the children," A little patience and we are there." So the children climbed, and when they reached the top they said, "Mother, we would not have done it without you."

And the mother, when she lay down at night looked up at the stars and said, "This is a better day than the last, for my children have learned fortitude in the face of hardness. Yesterday I gave them courage. Today, I 've given them strength."

MOTHER CONT.............

And the next day came strange clouds which darkened
the earth, clouds of war and hate and evil, and the children groped
and stumbled, and the mother said: "Look up. Lift your eyes to the light.
" And the children looked and saw above the clouds
an everlasting glory, and it guided them beyond the
darkness. And that night the Mother said,
"This is the best day of all, for
I have shown my children God."

And the days went on, and the weeks and the months and
the years, and the mother grew old and she was little and bent.
But her children were tall and strong, and walked with
courage. And when the way was rough, they lifted her,
for she was as light as a feather; and at last they came to a hill,
and beyond they could see a shining road and golden gates flung wide. And
mother said, "I have reached the end of my journey. And now I know the end
is better than the beginning, for my children can
walk alone, and their children after them."
And the children said, "You will always walk with us,
Mother, even when you have gone through the gates."
And they stood and watched her as she went on alone, and the gates
closed after her. And they said: "We cannot see her
but she is with us still. A Mother like ours is more than a memory. She
is a living presence......."

Your Mother is always with you.... She's the whisper
of the leaves as you walk down the street; she's the smell of bleach
in your freshly laundered socks; she's the cool hand
on your brow when you're not well. Your Mother lives
inside your laughter. And she's crystallized in every tear drop.
She's the place you came from, your first home; and
she's the map you follow with every step you take. She's your first love
and your first heartbreak, and nothing on earth can
separate you.

Not time, not space... not even death!

Jesus said: "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you."
Matthew 5: 44 (NIV


Three Christian Activists Rescued in Iraq


Wednesday, March 22, 2006


These were done by laser and whoever did them did a great job.

Egg Art


I have made a watermelon into a basket with other melon balls and have made a pig shape one but these are really neat. I have some Ideas for summer now.


Water Bridge In Germany

Water Bridge in Germany.... What a feat!

Six years, 500 million euros, 918 meters this is engineering!

This is a channel-bridge over the River Elbe and joins the former East and West Germany,
as part of the unification project. It is located in the city of Magdeburg, near Berlin. The photo was taken on the day of inauguration.
To those who appreciate engineering projects.....

The Call

The boss of a big company needed to call one of his employees about an urgent problem with one of the main computers. He dialed the employee's home phone number and was greeted with a child's whispered, "Hello?"
"Is your Daddy home?" he asked.
"Yes," whispered the small voice.
"May I talk with him?"
To the surprise of the boss, the small voice whispered, "No."
Wanting to talk with an adult, the boss asked, "Is your Mommy there?"
"Yes," came the answer.
"May I talk with her?"
Again, the small voice whispered, "No."
Hoping there was somebody with whom he could leave a message, the boss asked the child, "Is anybody else there?"
"Yes" whispered the child, "a policeman."
Wondering what a cop would be doing at his employee's home, the boss asked "May I speak with the policeman?"
"No, he's busy," whispered the child.
"Busy doing what?" asked the boss.
"Talking to Daddy and Mommy and the firemen," came the whispered answer.
Growing concerned and even worried as he heard what sounded like a helicopter through the earpiece on the phone, the boss asked, "What is that noise?"
"A hello-copper" answered the whispering voice.
"What is going on there?" asked the boss, now alarmed.
In an awed whispering voice, the child answered, "The search team just landed the hello-copper."
Alarmed, concerned, and more than just a little frustrated, the boss asked, "What are they searching for?"
Still whispering, the young voice replied, along with a muffled giggle

Savage Chickens: Reno Cartoon

Savage Chickens: Reno Cartoon

Hopefully, after you shot him you held him under water for 5 minutes and then hung him up to finish the job.