Sunday, July 17, 2005

No real changes

I have not had any new developments lately. The corn has been great this year. I have had it three times this week and I end up eating two cobs.LOL Even my one daughter who HATES corn is eating it.

All animals are doing well so far but because of the heat my hens are laying a lot less but it will pick up soon. The pullets should be laying soon and the will create more eggs.

I am still working on the pair of pants I can not seem to get the instuctions write. I think I will write the company to see if I can get some more instuctions. I would really like to get them done before summer is over since they are really a summer type of pants.

I am waiting for the call for the goats. I just can't wait. I would like to have some more crittlers around here. When I get the call I will bring the turkeys into the processor since it is in the same area and is about 3 hours away.

Oh, I have at least one watermelon growing now. So yummy it will be I am sure.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Not much going on

There is not much going on at our farmette except for the kitchen. I got a bunch of new cabinets put in. The kitchen is arranged so that their is more counter space near to the store with a baking area. I can't wait until it is finished but of course it is a paycheck to paycheck project. I hope to get some upper cabinets next paycheck so I take some things I have stored in the basement and other place in the kitchen. Of course, I will put a picture in later.

My girls had a campout in the back between the house and woodlot. It did not last too long before they heard the first coyote howl and animals making noises before they were safe in their beds. I did not even have a chance to go out and make noises myself. LOL

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Planting Garden

Started planting for the summer/fall. I planted more green beans, squash, flowers, and broom corn. In the back ground are sunflowers, sweet potatoes and peppers with the grape vines on the right.

This photo shows the corn and green beans on the left background.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Drip problems

Well, my garden drip system had sprung a leak on one line. I looked all over Monday for the zip lock bag I had put extra drip parts in to no avail. That evening I ordered some more parts and said to myself I will stop by the store Tuesday and buy a plastic container to put all the parts in. So I stopped at a store after work and got home and started putting some drip parts I had in a grain barn. I went to the livestock barn and lo and behold that zip lock bag was in a box I pulled off the shelf and I thought I looked in that box Monday. I really thing that the gromes out in the yard come alive at night. LOL